Friday, April 1, 2011

A house full of sickness

I think I am not the only one that feels this way but I am pretty sure my house is one giant germ. Parker who just had his surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids a little over a month ago is already sick. If that was not bad enough now Lucas is not feeling good. Some days I would just really like the house to not have a sick person in it. I know that is wishful thinking but really come on. I should buy stock in Lysol since we go through so much of it. I am really looking forward to the nice weather and we can open windows and hopefully get rid of some of these little critters. I feel bad for how much school Parker misses but also am thankful he is only in Pre-k. Hoping next year maybe will not be so bad. Well that is my little rant on sickness. Now I guess I am off to clean again. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow, Snow and More Snow

We got all excited about the snow melting. We could see the ground underneath the snow and birds singing. Then all of a sudden it came the snow came and it did not stop. We woke up in the morning to over 18 inches of snow. No work for me or Matt and the kids have no school. Plus the paper boy got stuck in the road in front of our house. Matt rescused him and he spent the morning at our house trying to stay warm. Snow plows were nowheres in sight. Got to love living in the country. Last snow we hope. Oh the kids will have so much fun. Just hope to not lose one, lol.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Parkers surgery

Hello all sorry it has been so long since I posted anything new. My baby, OK maybe not baby at 4 but still my baby had surgery on Monday. Parker has been a little bundle of issues since he was born. This newest thing however was to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He was suppose to have this surgery back last year at thanksgiving, but they found that he had a platelet disorder. They put his surgery on hold and did test. Finally they cleared him for surgery. They knew there was a chance for bleeding so they were prepared for that. So Monday finally came and we went in to Syracuse to the wonderful Galisano Children's Hospital. I was able to take him into the operating room and help him go to sleep. This helped him but did make mama cry. Seeing you little boy in this great big white room laying on the table with all these people with masks around him. They put the mask on his face and you hold his hand as he slowly closes his eyes. Then all of a sudden he starts to shake and you panic what is wrong. Only to be told that this is normal. He finally goes to sleep and they tell you good job and you leave your little boy there in their hands. Go to the waiting room to join everyone else who is waiting. I have to say it was the longest hour and half that I have had to deal with in a long time. Finally you see a familiar face and he is smiling so that is so good to see. Dr. M comes over to you and says he is in recovery and he is doing great. He did not loss to much blood and he did not have any issues. PRAISE THE LORD!!! He lost more than a normal person but not enough to need any transfusion. So Dr. M left and you sit back down and wait for the call to come back and see him. All of a sudden you here the phone ring and the most wonderful words "Parker's mom". Yay I can see him. I do back to the waiting room shaking and not sure how he is coming out of it. Poor little guy was not happy and was rolling around on his bed. I rush over to him to calm him down as they start to pump pain meds into his little body. After three doses of meds he finally starts to calm down. After a long wait we finally get the word that we can go up to the children's hospital and get to our room. We head up to the Children's hospital and get comfortable in our new home for the next day. All rooms are private with big screen TV, ps3, couch which turns into bed for parents and our own bathroom. What a lovely thing for us to have in such a unpleasant situation. They had a playroom and a family room. They had a restaurant and a area you could get books games and movies. Parker loved the giant fish tank which he could name a fish. His fishes name is spongebob. He tried to play but did not do much playing since he really did not feel good but it was nice to have the options. That night I stayed with him while daddy went home to take care of brother and sister. We did not sleep well since he was awake every half hour and the nurses and doctors coming in to check on him did not help the sleeping either. But we made it through the night. Next day he starts to drink so they say as soon as he gets a certain amount down we may leave. Finally around 11am we are able to go home. We put him in the wagon and wheel him to the car. Ya our stay is done and now his journey of healing is to continue. His biggest struggle is to drink. We are hoping he starts doing a better job or he will end up back at the hospital. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and for everyone who helped out making everything go together the way it did.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A long day off

Ahhhhh!!! This is what this mother says when there is not school for a week. It is only Tuesday and the kids are already at each other and my nerves are getting shorter and shorter. I am so happy to have some of there friends coming over today but if they can not ship into shape we might have some really sad kids. Why is it whenever we finally get sometime to spend with each other it ends up with someone crying and mommy wanting to lock myself in a room. I love these kids more than life itself but man somedays I think I need a day off.  

Friday, February 18, 2011

Who knew a massage would feel so good.

OK so my husband gave me a gift certificate for a massage last year and I just never used it. I finally decided that I was going to use it today and it was the best choice I could have made. I have only had a pregnancy massage before this and did not know what to expect. So nerves me went in and she asked her questions and said OK get comfortable. So I did. Still not sure what to expect I was not that comfortable. Well she was so nice and since I hurt so much it did not take long to get comfortable. Time went by so fast and everything was so relaxed. I don't know why I did not use it earlier. Well I decided that I needed to make another appointment for next month. Not sure if this is going to be a habit but I definitely will not let so much time go between visits. If you can get over the uncomfortableness of having a stranger touch you, you can really enjoy it. It was definitely my mommy treat for the month. Every mom needs a treat.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A day in the life a mom

So what does a mom do everyday. Lets see we sit around on the couch eating bonbons and watching soaps. What that isn't what we do. Well no you are right. I love being a mom and everything it brings into my life everyday. From doing laundry and washing dishes. Then folding laundry and putting it away, then putting dishes away. That alone is a never ending battle. Then there is forgotten violins and permission slips, doctors appointments and playdates. There is cleaning up after there messes and finishing homework with them. Feeding everyone dinner and hoping they actually eat it. All of these things make a day crazy, but this is what a mother lives for. Everyday is unique and wonderful in its own way. Even on the bad days where you want to pull your hair out you are still thankful to be a mother. You put those sweet children to bed and they look up at you and tell you they love you and need hugs and kisses and say that you are the best mommy ever and it just makes it all worth it. Then you go to bed crash and wake up the next day to start all over again.

Why so different?

I always laugh when anyone tries to compare kids. I have 3 wonderful beautiful different children. My daughter is a little brain who is very serious and does not understand always what a since of humor is (which is hard for me because I dont understand how you cant have one). Lucas my first born son is very quiet and does not need to say much but when he does he knows what he is talking about. Then there is Parker my baby. Well he is a bundle of energy and loves to be with mommy. He questions everything and wants to know what everything means. Each one of my children came from me and my husband but each one is so different. They all like different colors and have different favorite foods. Yes there are some things that are the same but how do I compare them when they each will do different things? I don't I look at them as each there own person. I love that they are different and they each do there own thing. So celebrate being different!! I never want them to feel like they have to live up to one or the other. I am so glad to have three different bundles of rice.